Behind the green mind: Rianne, Body-Oriented Nature Based Coach
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Behind the green mind: Rianne, Body-Oriented Nature Based Coach

  • Written by Aksana

After the shoot we sat down on a small bridge in the middle of the reeds up by the pond. The swallows were flying above us while the end of the day was marked with the rising moon. Spending time in nature is a shortcut to serenity. This is a truth we intuitively understand. Nature, silence and yoga inspired Rianne to guide others to find peace and acceptance within themselves. I asked her a couple of questions about how she embarked on her unique body-oriented nature based coaching journey. Get inspired and read the interview below.

Why did you start with this kind of coaching and what do you want to accomplish?

After experiencing two burn-outs I was stuck and looking for a change in my life. With the help of coaches and therapists, I became more aware of my mind. The help I got was cognition-focused and it felt like it wasn’t enough. While I was searching for a way to be aware of my body as well, I discovered yoga. During my first Asana class I felt how powerful my body is. Even though some poses caused discomfort, I learned how to channel it and still feel relaxed. It allowed me to let my body and mind work together — to feel what was happening mentally and physically. I decided to enter a four-year yoga teacher training. Not necessarily to become a teacher, but to use yoga for my own personal development. I started living my life to the fullest by connecting my mind with my body and seeing the bigger picture of our existence. This experience inspired me to share my knowledge — I decided to start teaching yoga after all and organised silent walks in natural surroundings. 

Some time later, yoga and my admiration for nature led me to body-oriented nature based coaching. It’s a way of coaching in connection with nature and body, and is based on mindfulness and the wisdom that we are all part of nature. Nowadays it’s hard to stand still, because the daily rush sweeps you off your feet. Nature helps people to find centering and restore their self-esteem. It’s a gentle reminder that life also exists out of phases just like the seasons. Every phase is unique and has its own purpose. 

For me moving and connecting with my body was an important factor in my recovery. By listening to your body, you can feel what is happening and learn how to let go of the need to control everything with your mind. This is what makes this way of coaching one of a kind. I’m not sure if anybody else is doing it the same way too. My mission is to guide others to reconnect with their inner nature and to live their own values and uniqueness.

What inspires you about your work? What drives you?

Nature and silence is what inspired me the most, because it’s so pure. We are all part of nature and it can serve us as a mirror to reflect on our own inner nature. It is guiding me to bring out that pureness in others. People can get stuck when influenced by society, opinions and their own ideas about who they should be. The mind takes over and the connection with (inner) nature and the heart gets lost. I think that everyone deserves the opportunity to restore their self-belief, surrender to the flow of life and let go of fear.

I help others to face their fear instead of running away from it. Ironically, running away doesn’t get you really far. Surrendering, letting go, seeing things or emotions as they are, creates space to see the unconscious clearly and turn it into consciousness. This will automatically alter old patterns and bring change. I also feel very inspired by impermanence. Everything is changing constantly and can’t be controlled. When you are conscious of it, it feels like a massive liberation.

Green Branding Shoot Nature Based Coach

What went well and what did not work out since you’ve started? What did you learn from it?

I always follow my heart and what my inner voice is telling me. Sometimes my mind takes over and the fears and doubts come out. This wasn’t just the case in the beginning. It still happens sometimes. When it does, I get stuck in my head. It’s a reminder to step back and give myself some space to reconnect. It’s a continuous learning process and I embrace it.

Green Branding Shoot Nature Based Coach
Green Branding Shoot Nature Based Coach

What does sustainability mean to you and how do you combine it with your work?

For me sustainability is to remind ourselves that we are a part of nature, that everything is interconnected and that the answers lie within yourself. It’s about learning how to trust in your inner wisdom, your voice, intuition and the flow of life. It will give you strength and confidence to reconnect with yourself and the world around you. Nature has a positive impact on our well-being and when people remember that they are part of nature as well, we can all do our part to build a world that’s more mindful of others and the environment.

What advice would you give starting entrepreneurs in your industry?

Follow your own sparkle, curiosity and intuition. It will guide you to your own path. This path is rarely a straight line. Getting lost and finding yourself again is a part of it. Embrace it and keep following your journey. If you want to succeed, you need to overcome the obstacles first. 

If you want to know more about this unique coaching method, follow Rianne on Instagram: @riannecollignon or visit

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