Behind the green mind: Jaimy, Nova Luna Yoga
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Behind the green mind: Jaimy, Nova Luna Yoga

  • Written by Aksana

Yoga marked a new chapter in Jaimy’s life. Like the new moon (where the name Nova Luna Yoga originates from) for many people yoga is a fresh start to regain balance. By paying more attention to your body and opening up the heart, yoga can help you navigate through the daily rush. Jaimy never would have thought that she would find her balance within yoga, but life is full of surprises. Get inspired and read her story in the interview below.

Why did you start Nova Luna Yoga and what do you want to accomplish?

A few years ago I fell off my horse and suffered a head injury. Luckily, the injury wasn’t life threatening, but it was enough to lose my focus and the ability to work full time. I had to let go of some of my daily activities – even listening to music made it worse. At some point it got very bad, and the conclusion was that I needed revalidation. Together with a psychologist, occupational therapist and haptonomist, we worked on my recovery. Via my haptomist I learned how to practise yoga, since that was the only ‘sport’ I could do.

At first I thought that yoga was not really my thing, but it turned out to be surprisingly calming and effective. It changed my whole mindset. It helped me to live more in the moment, listen to my body and focus less on my injury. This was the turning point where my yoga journey began. I am grateful that yoga pulled me through my recovery and I feel that it is my calling to help others discover the healing properties of yoga too.

Green branding shoot Nova Luna Yoga

What inspires you about your work? What drives you?

The biggest compliment I can get is when people fall asleep after my yoga class. It feels like a big achievement when I can relieve someone from tension and help them release those pent-up emotions. Creating awareness of the mind, body and spirit with my yoga knowledge is inspiring and fulfilling.

Green branding shoot Nova Luna Yoga

What went well and what did not work out since you’ve started? What did you learn from it?

At first, I took on every opportunity to teach yoga that came along. I was worried about money and did not take my own needs into account. I kept going like this for a while and it made me feel more and more uncomfortable. For example, one day I found myself teaching yoga in a cold, noisy gym. I could not perform at my best. Of course, when you are just starting out you need to try a lot of things to find out what truly fits you.

Eventually, I’ve accepted that not all of the opportunities that come my way are a good fit. I want others to get the most out of the yoga experience, and a matching environment plays a big part in this. I want to teach yoga in a calming environment to flourish, truly be myself and pass on the good energy.

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What does sustainability mean to you and how do you combine it with your work?

The philosophy of yoga is guiding me to live more consciously and inspires me to shine a light on the lifestyle behind it. To find peace that not only manifests within ourselves but also within the world around us. For example, some products that were a part of my household before, don’t feel right anymore. I replace them with eco-friendly alternatives and share my experience with my followers. I’m becoming more aware of the impact of my daily choices and I try to encourage others to do the same.

Green branding shoot Nova Luna Yoga
Green branding shoot Nova Luna Yoga

What advice would you give starting entrepreneurs in your industry?

Go for it! Don’t fear the competition, because you are authentic. Dare to give it your own twist. You may reach that one group of people that would otherwise never have started practising yoga if it wasn’t for you. A yoga class is strongly influenced by the teacher. It’s important to stay close to yourself.

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