Behind the green mind: Tash, Myraflores
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Behind the green mind: Tash, Myraflores

  • Written by Aksana

Nature is healing in so many ways — it offers the space and the ingredients to reconnect with our inner self. Tash Keren from Myraflores knows all about the wonders of nature. With flower remedies, botanical mists and essential oils she offers guidance towards emotional freedom. I asked Tash a couple of questions about her blooming business. Get inspired and read the interview below.

Why did you start Myraflores and what do you want to accomplish?

I started Myraflores during a period of isolation where I was left alone with many emotions. Unsure of how to best support myself, or even which products to turn to. In a society where we are conditioned to hide how we feel — especially emotions like shame and grief — I had no way of controlling myself during these moments. I wanted to find ways to redefine the emotional experience by releasing emotions in healthy and supportive ways. Through Myraflores I seek to normalise emotional well-being for all beings with the help of nature and flower based products. Each blend from the collection is made to match a certain emotional experience you may be going through. The goal is to acknowledge which emotions you are feeling and focus on releasing them with the help of natural products. Of course, the experience isn’t always easy. Especially if you have been running from a particular emotion and it has stayed inside you. When you use the products and commit to your emotional well-being overtime, you’ll find greater freedom and the ability to live close to your true nature without the emotional baggage. 

What inspires you about your work? What drives you?

I’m always inspired by nature’s wisdom and ability to work with our mind, body and spirit to give us exactly what we need. If we see nature as our ally and friend, a world of possibility can open up. We can be reminded of the support we have to overcome our fears and limitations. I’m driven by nature. By overcoming the limitations we place on ourselves you can break free to pursue your dreams. It’s an inside job knowing yourself, and seeking to grow and develop. Nature can gently guide us to get there, so we never have to feel alone. I really want to spread this idea with the world that we can set ourselves free and this all starts to happen when we release the things that are holding us down – like unprocessed emotions.  

What went well and what did not work out since you’ve started? What did you learn from it?

Well, I have just launched very recently. About a month ago. So I’m still exploring this question myself. What I know is that I want to be intentional with each step of the process without rushing it for the sake of growing. Instead I follow the pace of nature and bloom overtime. This mentality has allowed me to focus on the type of community I dream of building, the partners, influencers and friends I will continue working with and the new product categories soon to come. In the past I had a sustainable fashion agency and I learned the hard way that when you push yourself too much, exhaustion can meet you on the other side. So this time I am really trying to create a healthy pace by taking action, but also trusting the process and seeing everything with the long-term in mind. 

What does sustainability mean to you and how do you combine it with your work?

I love this question! This is a question I have also asked many times on The Plant Pill Podcast and not one person can give me the same answer. Through a series of interviews I’ve learned that this definition is really unique to the individual and is still in discovery. For me, it’s important to first shift your mindset and see nature as an ally instead of a hierarchy where humans are above anything else. It’s about recognising and grounding yourself in the responsibility we have towards our environment and see ourselves as connected with nature. From this perspective you can act sustainably by consuming with respect for all other beings. Only taking what you need and knowing who you’re buying from. Acting sustainably does not have to be an overnight act of heroism. Instead, you can make small shifts everyday. Shift your habits and relearn how to live in harmony with the natural world and other people. Something as simple as buying vintage instead of fast fashion is already a step in the right direction. 

What advice would you give starting entrepreneurs in your industry?

As an entrepreneur you are capable of what you believe to be true about yourself and your business. Take care of yourself and treat your business with love along the way. It’s not an overnight process and takes time. Stay in the flow and enjoy the journey! For those who are looking to start in the wellness industry, I would give the advice of connecting your product to a current need. Try to offer a solution for a problem and find ways to let the ingredients shine. I always try to lead with unique differentiators, because that’s one way I found your business can stand out. Oh, and follow what you’re passionate about.

If you want to know more about the healing properties of flower remedies, botanical mists and essential oils, follow Myraflores on Instagram: @myrafloresbeing or visit

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