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  • 🌼 Botanical Boutique: Spring Sale 20% OFF everything till 1st of April 🌼

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We are a creative studio dedicated to supporting brands on a mission to inspire positive change

The perks of working with us

Rise up

Combine 8+ years of design, content marketing and coding experience, a fluffy doge and a pinch of fun. That’s us. We are the creative team who will make your business bloom. Having a seasoned partner by your side cultivating an inviting experience for your clients will increase your value, so you can attract bigger-name clients and charge premium rates for your services.

Save time

Let your branding + website do the work, so you can focus on doing whatever nourishes your inner soil. Strategically aligned branding transforms your concept into a brand people can relate to and feel connected with. While a converting website provides a good-natured experience and keeps the visitors attention long enough for them to want to opt-in.

Stand out

Being proud and confident about your business exudes good energy and trust. People will notice, love and choose you forever if they feel an emotional connection with your brand. Let’s craft everlasting and captivating content to tell your story. Don’t just grow a brand, make it flourish.

Ready to team up?

Yes let's do this!

A tale of

The botanist, the alchemist and the furry creature

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was fascinated by the wonders of nature. Her imagination was running wild and free, sparking magic everywhere she went. Until the fast-paced corporate world swallowed her whole. One day her energy was so drained, she decided to take an inward journey and seek for that long lost magic in herself. Once she reconnected with her inner nature, she saw her mission clearly. It was time for a change.
The world needs more magic and good people to help conserve the wild and wonderful things in it. On her journey she crossed paths with the furry creature and an alchemist. And from that moment on, they’ve combined their powers to shape the future. He could turn code into gold, she could let brands bloom and the furry creature brought joy and laughter in the process.

Founder & Brand Botanist

Aksana Mikhalap

Back in the 90’s I was born as a Capricorn with all the planets in my creativity corner. So my creative path was already paved. For years I built commercially-focused concepts for national and international clients in the creative industry. Until I felt: I’ve outgrown my pot. It’s time to go out on my own and harvest those creativity-seeds.

I haven’t looked back since. Because I know: this is why I’m here. To help you to flourish like I did. By growing a value-centered business that is rooted in your inner soil. When I work with people who have a bigger mission than themselves, I feel joy and energy flowing.

Code Alchemist

Jarno van Wezel

Jarno is my other half and the Code Alchemist at Root + Bloom Studio. He started out as a web developer and transformed into a seasoned software engineer. With 8+ years of experience in the work field, he knows exactly how to turn code into gold.

Together we craft smooth websites that Google absolutely adores. Your website is also developed in a conscious way to save energy when loading, minimising its impact on our planet.

Our handcrafted formulas

If you are looking for a secret formula to not grow like everyone else, you’ve come to the right place

Brand + Content

Super Soil

Get your brand noticed with a strategically aligned brand identity. Branding that is rooted in your story + beliefs, adds your one-of-a-kind energy to your business and hits all the right notes with your ideal audience.
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Eco-conscious Website

Rise & Shine

Your vision deserves to be seen. Craft your own everlasting digital space to show your well-thought business. It’s the only platform you can control and use to express yourself without the constraints of social media.
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Sales Page

Bloom Boost

If you want to launch a new idea — you need a powerfully persuasive sales page. Based on your authenticity we craft an inviting and captivating experience that attracts your ideal audience and turns them into your dream clients.
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I cried. Literally, haha. I have never seen such a beautiful website before. The realisation that this is my website is still surreal.
- Jaimy, Nova Luna Yoga

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We worked with
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  • Kris Berry
  • Positivity Shop
  • Nova Luna Yoga
  • Essence Marketing
  • Goldsmith Liesbeth Busman
  • Myraflores
  • The Green Stamp