Meet the team

Root + Bloom Studio was born out of the idea to share our love for Pachamama. We empower regenerative entrepreneurs to create valuable freedom businesses rooted in purpose. Our creative formulas are consciously crafted to provide rich soil from which youโ€™ll grow for years to come. We believe in the pace of nature and adapting slow, sustainable growth.

Aksana Mikhalap

Aksana is our Brand Botanist, she has green fingers when it comes to plants and brands. Back in the days she worked at several digital agencies with national and international clients. With over 6 years of experience in social media and branding she knows what itโ€™s like to build meaningful and commercially-focused concepts from the ground up. Her specialism lies with photography, visual design and Instagram. With a bit of positive activism, she combines her love for nature and creativity to help others bloom their own way.

Next to being a business owner Aksana is also a proud dog mom.


Jarno van Wezel

Jarno is our Code Alchemist. With many years of experience he knows exactly how to turn code into gold by developing websites that Google absolutely adores. The websites are fast, user friendly and have a professional look and feel. He loves to help your business bloom and contribute to the environment. After all, the future is green and even websites can be made in a sustainable way.



Kenji is a furry creature who is in charge of the occasional feel-good content. He is soft, insanely cute, but can burp and fart like a trooper.